Willow Software is the on-line trading name of Graeme Moignard. I am a freelance full-stack web developer with 20+ years experience in web design/development and Security. I'm based in Jersey, United Kingdom.

Feel free to E-mail me directly @ graeme@willowsoftware.co.uk

I help companies and individuals develop digital programs that impress, educate and activate their users. I enable my clients to command attention and drive customer engagement.

My services at a glance

Web Design Services

I offer website design and development for all types of digital projects including brochure websites, cms, tablets and mobile. Your site will be built with the latest web principles and SEO friendly. I can create a logo for you, work out your preferred "colour scheme", Social Media.. the works!

CMS Integration services

I specialise in building professional website templates on top of the content management system Joomla! I also modify the core framework and create bespoke components or modules for larger sites to suit what whatever is required for the project in question.

Bespoke / Turn-Key Web Apps

I have been involved in numerous large client projects, such as: building a recruitment agency site with administration area and a hair dressers salon booking system and many more. All my apps are hand written using HTML, PHP ,mySQL or MSSQL databases and front end user interactions are controlled by AJAX.

Website Security Services

I have a collection of hand crafted scripts and back-end applications that can block and report on SQL injections, bot scanning, attempted file uploads and much more. This service is known as my Salix Monitor Web Security suite. I can assist with PCI Compliance testing/issues and safely carry out/report back on White/Gray/Black Hat network penetration tests. No monthly fees. Hourly rates apply for installation, configuration and testing on your web server.

General Web Coding

If you need something fixed on your existing web site, CMS, ecommerce site or need a PHP developer to fix issues with an existing application, I can surely help. Hourly rates apply. People are always lost when their original tech contact goes AWOL. It happens quite a lot. Luckily I'm here and I'm not going anyway for a long time!

Server-Source code hardening

I've got plenty of Linux server hardening experience and can also review existing PHP code for security holes that may allow hackers to ruin your website, if not checked and fixed. Unfortunately its a case of when it's going to happen, not if it happens. Hourly rates apply.

My Experience


  • PHP/ASP ( General-purpose scripting languages )
  • CSS/HTML (Styling and page layouts)
  • Javascript (Used to create interactive effects within web browsers.)
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)
  • MySQL/MSSQL/Oracle (SQL)
  • MongoDB (NoSQL)
  • Photoshop / Gimp (Image manipulation apps)

OS/Server types

  • Linux (Ubuntu/Debian/Mint OS/Red Hat/Suse)
  • Windows (Server 2003+)
  • Sun Solaris (Unix OS based)
  • Apple Mac OS (Server)

Internet Security

  • PCI Compliance (enforce PCI DSS)
  • Penetration Testing (a form of ethical hacking)
  • website spam protection (web traffic spam filtering)
  • website hack protection (anti SQL injection protection)
  • email spam protection (eMail Spam Filtering)


  • HLDD/LLDD (Documentation writing)
  • Project Management
  • KANBAN/SCRUM experience
  • Linux server hardening
  • Development training

* The term full-stack means developers who are comfortable working with both back-end and front-end technologies. To be more specific, it means that the web developer can work fluidly with databases, PHP/ASP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and everything in between, also, venturing as far as converting Photoshop designs to front-end code.

Why use Willow Software?


I make things easy for you.


I know what I am are doing.


I understand Web Security.

Plenty of on-hand experience

Like any trade, it takes time for web developers and IT engineers to perfect their skills. That's why my wealth of experience sets me apart from many others in the same field. I have built, configured, setup, developed and enabled IT services for over 300 clients as a collective estimated total, so I know what works; and what does not.

Original web sites and apps, everytime

Some web designers think templates are good enough. I don't. Every client deserves a unique website with bespoke web design and that's what I deliver. Creating satisfied customers time and again. My web applications are designed and built from the ground up, starting with the database structure. If anything needs a bug fix, or needs updating, I developed the source code personally, so I know how to fix it.

I listen carefully

I offer my services, because I really enjoy what I do, with all guns pointing to a positive outcome. I like to know what makes your business tick. I always listen carefully, then help you create the website design or Bespoke Turn-key web app you need.