• Introduction

    • Hi, my name is Graeme Moignard.
    • Willow Software is my business name.
    • I am based in Jersey, United Kingdom.

    I am a self-employed IT consultant, focusing on full-stack Web Development and I have more than 25+ years experience.

    If you would like to hire me for any web design or development tasks, big or small, just let me know.

    I charge a low cost hourly rate for small issues or an agreed fixed amount for larger or structured projects.

    Get in touch...

    Services at a glance

    This is what I can do for you:

    • I can fix existing problems with HTML websites aka "static" sites.
    • Upgrade or fix Content Managed websites ("CMS") which includes back-end coding issues in PHP or mySQL/MSSQL databases, as well as HTML, CSS and Javascript.
    • I can build new HTML websites from scratch, your average 5 to 10 page "static" website with your branding, a contact form and other required pages.
    • I can design and configure Content Managed Websites (CMS), either based on Joomla! or Wordpress. They use a database and PHP; which allow you to edit content yourself and have control over everything.
    • Need general PHP coding help?, I can look at and fix existing code that is not working properly, or write new programs to do all sorts of things.

    My Technical Experience




    Mac OS
    Sun Solaris

    Web Security

    PCI Compliance
    Pen Testing


    Project Management
    Linux Hardening
    Dev Training

    My Ethics


    What ever you need, its designed for you. You are guaranteed a bespoke web design or application built to your specifications, professionally created using the latest in web technologies.


    You get to liaise from start to finish directly with your developer. Either I can meet up to review your requirements in person, or I can do it all via email &/or Zoom/Teams/Skype.

    No jargon...

    Are you always being sold extra services you really don't need? I only ever suggest upgrades or modifications to your current website, application or server(s) IF you really need it.


    You pay for my time at either a set service price or hourly rate... There are NO hidden charges at Willow Software. If extra development time is required, you'll always be advised prior to being invoiced.

  • Services offered by Willow Software, Jersey.

    General Coding

    (Internet/Intranet web sites and browser based applications only)
    Fixing old code, annoying web site issues and help in general!

    For an hourly rate, you can contact me to fix issues with an existing website you own. Be it just HTML and CSS or a content managed system (such as Wordpress or Joomla!) or an opensource E-Commerce site.

    It will cost you nothing for me to initially look at the problem at hand. If anything should, or could be done then I will produce a quote explaining how long it will roughly take to fix or update and the price it will be.

    Bespoke Turn-Key Web Apps

    Your bespoke coding service

    I have had plenty of experience in developing and designing web applications including systems which feature intranet use only, online booking systems, general operations systems, invoicing software, time tracking, project management, music industry apps and support ticket systems. As my web applications are designed from hand written notes after talking to you or your business partners, I can pretty much create whatever you ask for.

    Brochure Websites

    A Brochure site gives your company a basic web presence and also provides valuable information, such as contact details, opening times and a way to contact you. Advanced brochure sites can also have more complicated processes such as photo galleries.

    If you need hosting and or a domain name, I can point you in the right direction to set it up.

    Entry Level Brochure Package

    My basic website solution contains everything you need to establish a professional online presence. Up to 5 pages containing information such as the history of the company, the services it provides and the people it does business with. Ideal for smaller companies on a budget or those firms making their first tentative steps onto the world wide web.

    Standard Brochure Package

    My standard package expands the possibilities for your site by providing more pages to describe your business and its services, all set within a professional looking and modern design. At this level you can also start including value added elements such as galleries, latest news and event diaries. (May require back-end software development)

    Professional Brochure Package

    The pinnacle of my brochure packages, it makes good use of cutting edge designs and upgraded themes whilst also incorporating the latest trends in web design, such as subtly animated feature images and content scrollers. More space also allows for more detail on your business, providing all the information your potential clients need to make an informed decision. Integration with other web services complete the benefits for this plan

    Content Managed Websites

    A content management system (CMS) is a framework that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or HTML to create and manage website content with relative ease.

    Entry Level CMS Package

    Ideal for individuals or small companies who need a website with a little more functionality than one of my brochure sites but not a fully-fledged CMS package. I create a stylish design to your specification and then integrate with the CMS. These sites allow you to update your site from anywhere there is an internet connection and also receive comments from other users on your articles.

    Standard CMS Package

    Suitable for businesses with a requirement for an improved design template and extra features such as galleries and media players. Create an unlimited number of pages from a simple interface that makes the entire process very easy. More than one person can also be assigned administrative privileges for the site to allow greater efficiency.

    Professional CMS Package

    At this end of the spectrum the CMS solutions offered can be very powerful and make a real difference to your online strategy. Adding content is easy. Building a loyal online community is easy too with options such as forums, newsletters and private, password protected, member’s areas, to entice visitors back for frequent repeat visits.

    Salix Web Security Suite

    This is my all encompassing suite of software to combat anything bad that could potentially happen to your businesses' online presence.

    Its objective is clear, to establish rules and measures to use against attacks over the Internet. Salix Web Security Suite is modulated, so you can choose which components to use in your defenses, such as encryption/source code hardening or server hardening.

    Available Options
  • My Resume Overview

    Retail Banking

    UBS AG Private Banking, Barclays Bank and Lloyds Bank

    At Lloyds bank I worked for 3 years on phone systems dealing with customer calls, at Barclays Bank I spent over six years from cashier, phone support, Personal banker, then moved to Information Technology, as I liked helping the I.T. team and seemingly more useful working with them.

    At UBS AG Swiss private bank, I spent over 5+ years. I did alot of day to day I.T. tasks and was on call to fix any issues that came up over night. Used and learnt about OpenVMS servers and scripted in DCL (digital command Language) Also dabbled in a bit of COBOL.

    Pure software development

    A cool startup called Coconut Software took me on as a trainee Java developer, my first taste of OOP (object orientated programming) - I also learnt "more than the basics" of PHP, Perl, Javascript and mySQL databases.

    I spent my time there (2 years) developing JSP (Java Server Pages) based commercial client sites, converting Perl scripts to PHP scripts and setting up and configuring Red Hat Linux servers.

    Internet and network security

    I like the security side of I.T., so took a gamble and moved to a company called Evolution (2 years) - Pretty much had a ball learning about the security side of I.T. (pretty important these days!) I was involved in client related PCI compliance, developed an app in PHP/Ajax/mySQL to control Nessus scans and write reports. Plenty of Penetration testing, Symantec reporting and maintained the bespoke in-house secure email hosting cluster.

    When working there, I temporarily moved to an associated company called Fortress Managed Services and was involved in developing a pretty cutting edge global portal using REST.


    I spent a few years (3-4 years) on and off working for feelunique.com, maintaining their custom built system, which included warehouse apps, stock, reporting, analytics, product feeds as well as the actual website viewable to the public.

    WILLOW SOFTWARE - From 2015 onwards

    I decided to become an I.T. consultant to enjoy a better work/life balance to spend more time with my children so devised Willow Software as my trading alias. My priority is home life and I work from my home office, but I make sure I keep enough "me time" to code and help out existing and new clients of Willow Software.

  • The benefits of using my services

    Forget ..the I.T minefield

    My charging structure compliments my service level and products. Plus I do not throw a meaningless paragraph of techno-babble at you when I explain techie processes, the opposite in-fact.

    I do the technical side yes, but you are told in plain English what it is I am doing.

    Unique ..solutions

    As every business is unique I believe your web site and all other customer facing assets should reflect this.

    I give you the opportunity for extensive input and then I do the rest, starting with a blank canvas.

    Positive ..word of mouth

    90% of my clients are derived from word of mouth referrals.

    My quality of work is second to none and is proven by the fact that my customers have the belief and confidence to refer me to others. This statistic alone sets Willow Software apart from its competitors.